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Hello, my friend's laptop stopped working a while ago. It would get a black screen that said it couldn't find the operating system. I looked at it and never saw this screen, but it would freeze on the starting windows screen. I tried to put the SSD into my desktop but my computer wouldn't boot to my HD with the SSD in it. When I removed it, it booted fine. I'm unsure of what kind of problem this is. I don't think the SSD is bad though. And it freezes when I try to access the recovery system as well. Any suggestions?

His laptop is a Sony Vaio model PCG-71314L with a Toshiba SSD HDD2H83. I think it has Windows 7 Home Premium.

My pc is custom built with a FX-4100, Seagate 2TB HDD, 8GB RAM, and Windows 7 Home Premium.

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    Does he have any repair disks to try first?

    Then check his drive for viruses and what not by booting his computer from Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 (free download) on a CD or USB stick with the SSD attached. Could also just be his OS or bootloader was corrupted. He should try booting with a system repair disk or Windows install disk in his CD/DVD drive (if he has an optical drive) to fix it. Next best is a repair installation so he doesn't lose programs and data. As a last resort, if the drive is not bad, he may need to do a secure erase and reinstall the OS.

    Failing those things, you can try checking the SSD on your system. If you have AHCI sata mode (allowing hot plugging) enabled on your machine, attach his drive after your system is running, or put it into an external caddy and attach to a USB port. Then if it shows up run crystaldiskinfo (hit download her: ) to check its status.
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