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Hey I am looking at buying a new graphics card since my Radeon 4870 died and I dont have the original fan so I cant rma but anyway which card is a better buy and which is better?

Radeon 5850


GTX 465
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  1. I am both a ati and nvidia fan but lately been thinking of going back to nvidia but dont know if i will if the radeon 5000 series cards are better
  2. HD5850 is the more powerful
  3. ok but what about quality cause i really dont care for performance when i game i mean i do but i want to have the best look and feel of the game without too much jagged edges?
  4. Image quality is great on both cards and you would not be able to tell it apart.
  5. Quality is great until a card is not powerful enough to have the graphics settings high - so the more powerful card will allow for prettier games, so 5850 is better.
  6. oh ok thanks ill be buying a 5850 then
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