New HAF X case fan mod?

The last build I did was cooler master scout case. I was surprised the fan case wiring wasn't design to plug directly into the motherboard (3pin). It was just a standard 4 pin power supply molex connection. So no fan control, which is gey. Anyway, I just ordered a HAF X to replace my old bastardized case for my main machine. I'm expecting the same situation. I like my machine to be dead quiet at times. Anyone run into this and come up with a solution for fan speed control?
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  1. Not all fans need to be controlled if they're already quiet. Otherwise buy a fan controller.

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  2. Agreed with LePhuronn, a fan controller would be the ideal solution. Most motherboards don't have enough system fan headers to accomodate the number of fans installed in modern gaming rigs anyway, hence the reason for the molex connection becoming more and more popular.
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    Hey having just built a HAF X case, you will be pleased to know that the case fans come with a standard 4 pin molex adapter and it's standard connection is the 3-pin style for your motherboard. No modification needed!
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  5. Yeh this case does come with the adapters. The scouts don't thou. Cool.
  6. Any of you guys have a second 230 fan installed above the stock bays...if so is there a way to mount permanently with a bracket etc...if so where and how do you go about mounting it...have seen duel 230 fans in the front...
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