Lost power, now Screen is fuzzy, NOT MONITOR


Well recently we have lost power a couple of times, and one of the desktops is now acting up. It was plugged into the surge protector. So when the computer is turned off the monitor displays the "no signal" message and is crystal clear. When I turn on the computer and the splash screen boots up, the screen turns very fuzzy and is jumping all over the place. Its at the point you can not read the screen during the post. I will try and open it up a little later on today and pull and trade some equipment from my other computer to see what got fried, or so I thing. What do you guys think I should try first? The GPU?

Specs (built myself)
MOBO: giga x48 ds4
CPU: q6600 stock
RAM: OCZ platinum 8gig
HDD: WD Blue 500gig
GPU: Powercolor 4850
Windows Vista 64

Thank you for your help,
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  2. Yes, try swapping the video card first. Next try the PSU, a likely place for damage from a power surge.

    Can you connect the monitor to another PC entirely to see if it can display a known-good signal properly?
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