Radeon 4350 and 4670, Crossfirable?

I'm new to crossfire and Sli and i was wondering if the 4670 and the 4350 was crossfirable considering the differences between the two cards. I know i could get better graphics cards but I broke at the moment im stuck with these two cards. They don't have crossfire bridges but the overviews say they both can be crossfired by the software but the software doesn't present an option for crossfire. So how do i crossfire them both? I tried CCC 10.6 (The latest) and 10.5 and none worked. My system is:

Core i7 920 2.66GHz

asus p6t

12GB of DDR3 1066MHz ram


NZXT Case with 8 Fans

Again thanks in advanced.
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  1. To keep it simple, it must be the same video card series; i.e.: two HD 4650, two HD 4670, two HD 4770, etc...
  2. Just like rolli and jaguar said above...
    stick with 4670 for now until you have money to buy a better card... :)
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