I would like to hear thoughts on SSDs

So, I have heard many different opinions on SSDs (Solid State Drives), and would like to hear your opinions on them. For example, I know they are faster (duh) and can decrease loading and boot up times, but there may be some issues with longevity.... Maybe use this as a topic starter?
Feel free to cite credible sources, and use your own knowledge and experience!! :wahoo:
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  1. Many people(including myself) have purchased a small (60-120gb) ssd to use just as a separate bootdrive for your os and maybe a few games. This makes it really easy if you ever have to reinstall it and your computer will boot much faster. Also longevity is not too much of an issue, its just that larger ssds are very expensive at this time so people still stick with the good old hdds for their main drive.
  2. There are LOTS of old articles on Toms and Anandtech.com that cover the benefits and detriments of using SSDs. Definitely worth a search.
  3. There is no doubt about it, SSD's are extremely beneficial for a boot drive. They are prevalent in any new computer build these days, and pretty much every custom PC you would buy from the store. I won't bother citing sources for this one, because the results would be very numerous.

    As for the longevity aspect of it, yes some SSD's have been failing... but so do conventional mechanical hard drives. I have yet to see any statistics proving that SSD's are failing at a higher rate than mechanical drives, they just seem to be getting bad publicity. Do your research on the different types of SSD's, Sandforce, Marvell etc.. OCZ Vertex drives have a pretty bad rep right now, but quite honestly my OCZ Vertex 2 60 GB SSD has not caused me any grief.

    In regards to SSD longevity, I don't think were are at a point yet to determine that. Based on SSD specifications, yes they do seem to result in a slightly lower lifespan but if you maintain your SSD properly you should still be able to have it 5+ years without any problems. I say we aren't yet at a point to determine this, because most sites/people haven't had an SSD for that long yet.

    Anyway, the short of it is... SSD's are extremely beneficial for a primary boot drive. Be careful in deciding on your capacity however. I would suggest a minimum of 120GB, as the 60GB will be essentially filled up with Windows and a few critical applications I'm sure you will have. It's best to keep your SSD with a bit of free space (do some reading on the sweet spot) so you don't want to be overloading the thing.
  4. benji720 said:
    There are LOTS of old articles on Toms and Anandtech.com that cover the benefits and detriments of using SSDs. Definitely worth a search.

    Yes, I know, I have one thanks, this is just more of an open discussion. Thanks for replying!
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