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I just built my first computer. Won't start right from the beginning. a light on the mother board is the only indication I get that power is connected at all . I am certain that the 2 12v connectors are connected to the motherboard properly and the PSU is switched on. With so little to work with I'm not sure how to toubleshoot this. I hope I just neglected something very simple.
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  2. Please post your COMPLETE system specs. My knee jerk response would be either underpowered PSU or CPU/RAM not properly seated. you need to give us some info to work with. Check all your power connections, and your header connections i.e. power switch. Reinstall your RAM.


    Check you graphics card power connection as well.
  3. I've experienced something similiar.I changed the channels the rams were installed to and than the system did boot up (though I still am experiencing problems with my system)
  4. System specs would be very helpful.

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
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