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CPU for 1280x1024 gaming?

Helping a friend of mine pick some new parts out for some replacements.

His resolution is said above. His video card is a 8800 GTS. Whats the optimal quad core for this without bottle necking.
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  1. An athlon II 620 propus will do the job well. its affordable and performs admirably. if he wants to spend mroe cash, an Phenom II 955 or Core i5 750 would also do the job. but honestly, at that res and with that GPU they will be overkill.

    what sorts of games does he plan on playing? an athlon tri-core would most likely be enough.
  2. He runs WoW currently at low and he wanted to get some higher settings on that. We play Borderlands alot. Mostly RPG's, Dragon Age,Witcher... stuff like that.
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    in that case, i'd say to go for an athlon 2 tri-core. only if he plans on playing CPU heavy games like GTA4/BC2/FF14 would i say a quad is needed. since its obviously casual gaming, a qaud would largely be wasted bucks, though it would certainly be useful if he wishes to spend the extra cash.
  4. what cpu does he currently have? it may not be causing any bottleneck.
  5. I guess I'll also set him up with the 955, he told me he wanted the best he could get. No budget for him I guess. :o

    Thanks for the input!
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