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Hey all.

I'm about to build a new gaming system and hit some walls on choices. This isn't just a dump list of what I want (cause I'll end up choosing it as we all do), but rather the old debate as listed in the thread title.

I understand Intel has the advantage on brute power with gaming, but with the 6-core Intel out of the question the AMD x6 Black is looking good. I know 6-core isn't really going to make a difference with games...for now, but couldn't this seem like some sort of "future proofing"? If not, then what's some good quad-core candidates from the AMD/Intel barns. Price isn't a huge issue, but I'm not paying a grand for a CPU, just out of principle.

Also, similar argument for a video card. I'm willing to shell out good money for a 5970 or 480, but as time goes on I'd like to add on (xFire or SLI) to keep the system "fresh". What's the best route?

Saving money with the AMD system is an attractive idea but if the Intel path is going to be better in the long run...well I guess that's why I'm asking you guys/gals.

Thanks for the support!
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  1. definatly go amd it's more future proof. and yes the x6 is considered future proof but if u want the performance of the x4 955 in gaming u will need to oc that x6 to 3.4-3.8ghz.

    both of those gpu's aren't a great option because 1st the gtx 480 runs realy hot consumes a hell lot of power and sometimes becomes very loud so sli'ing it is not an option.

    2nd the hd 5970 is very powerfull but if u cf it in the future you won't get more than 1-10 fps increase because quad cf's scailing sucks.

    here are the most powerfull gpu configurations

    3 gtx 480's in tri sli
    3 gtx 470's in tri sli
    3 5870's in tri cfx
    2 5970's in quad cfx
    3 5850's in tri cfx
    2 gtx 460's in sli

    i would recommend either getting a 5870 or 2 gtx 460's 1gb in sli
    the 2 gtx 460's in sli are very powerfull and by the ttime you will need to get a better gpu you will already have a new system.

    all intel's socket's are going to be dumped by Q1 2011 just like what happened to lga775 so that's why amd is more future proof.

    and pls fill out the stickie in mt sig.
  2. APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the month

    BUDGET RANGE: $2500-ish

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Visual Studio '10, Oracle, Photoshop

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor (have a 4:3 monitor I'm content with), keyboard



    PARTS PREFERENCES: Preferrably no "unknown" brands, my last mobo had that problem




    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Simple aesthetics are good. Don't need lights or windows.
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