Raid 5 vs raid 6

I have 15 SAS drive.One drive is used for Spare.
Creating two Raid5 with(6D+1p) or Creating one Raid6 with 12D+2p is better?
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  1. Depends what you use on the arrays.

    Disk intensive apps should be on their own array e.g. 2x R5.

    If this is for file sharing, then R6 would be fine as the load will be spread across all drives and you have the 2 disk parity.
  2. It also depends on the size of the drives.... As an array gets larger the odds of having a read error(not a drive failure) occur when rebuilding the array goes up, which means the rebuild would fail without a second parity option. Of course since you're doubling the array to go to raid 6 you aren't really adding any extra protection.
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