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Ok, just the other day I went to my router's settings to change the WEP key so i typed in and did just that. I went on the internet on the computer and it worked. So I just restarted it and all of a sudden it never went on the internet anymore. i've tested the internet (wireless) on my other computer and my laptop and it still works so that eliminates the router. I looked at the computer and it wont even detect the IP address instead it shows the little computer icon on the taskbar with that yellow ball bouncing back and forth. I cant even go to the router's settings by typing I am using a Dell dimension 3000 with windows xp and connects to internet through ethernet. I also thought it would be a virus and avast! detected one trace of JS:Pdfka-Y [Expl] and two traces of Win32:Crypt-ENX [Trj] so I dont know if that may have done some damage. Please let me know if there's any more info needed. Thank you!
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  1. disconnect you existing wireless connection from the list & connect it again with new wep key by scanning available wireless
  2. The issue isnt the wireless computers, those i've got working and their my only access to the internet. The main computer that connects to the router through Ethernet is the one that's having the problem if that clears anything up.
  3. then check the IP settings on your main computer..
  4. I was able to figure this out. I had to write down all the settings (IP address subnet DNS) from the computers that use wireless and go into the settings of the ethernet one and put it in. Apparently automatic doesnt work anymore.
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