Do I need a heatsink ?


I just got meself an assembled PC with the following specs :-

Motherboard - Gigabyte P55A-UD3R
CPU - Core i7 870
HDD - 1 TB Seagate 7200
PSU - Coolermaster 500W
GPU - Radeon 5670
RAM - 4GB Corsair DDR3 1333
OS - Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

I have a few queries that I'd be grateful for suggestions on. Here goes :-

(1) Do I need a Heatsink ? I dont plan to OC. If yes, is the Coolermaster 212+ a good choice for the specs ?

(2) How can I get an eSATA USB port installed on my computer for faster file transfers ? Are eSATA ports inbuilt in the notherboard or require seperate installation ?

(3) I had bought the Radeon 5670 with the intention of Crossfiring. However when I look at my cabinet, the second PCI slot towards the end doesnt seem to have space to accomodate a new 5670. Is there a way out ?

(4) I plan to buy a 19-22 inch touchscreen monitor. Any suggestions on models ?

Thanks a lot !!
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  1. 1) No-yes

    2) If your board doesn't have e-sata built in, and or your case is lacking, there are pci cards you can buy.

    3) no, seems like your board isn't crossfire or sli, I suggest returning/selling both cards, and buying a 5770 or a gtx460

    4) I like Samsung, but they are not always the cheapest. Acer is a decent lower cost alternative
  2. 1: the stock cooler is designed to do the job of running at stock. It can be noisy though and not very efficient. Even with no overclocking you'll see a great improvement in temps with a new cooler. And yes the 212+ is great

    2: eSATA or USB? They're not the same thing. Your motherboard doesn't have an eSATA port on the back so you'll have to use one of your SATA ports. Something like this

    is what you'd need if you don't have an eSATA port on your case itself.

    3: I don't get what you mean - your motherboard has 2 PCI-E slots (the blue ones) so you can fit 2 cards in fine. Plus the board is a standard ATX board so you should have enough slots on the case to fit things in.

    4: Nope, sorry - Google is your friend to find some reviews. You can always get a second opinion from us here.
  3. 1) Yes you'll definitely need a heatsink. The CM Hyper 212+ offers very good performance for its price and is one of the favourite coolers used on these boards.

    2) eSATA ports are usually on the front panel of your case and need to be connected to one of the motherboards' SATA ports. If you don't have one on your front panel then as sportsfanboy mentioned, you can by one in the form of a PCI card.

    3) Your board does support Crossfire, however the second card will be limited to PCIx4 speeds. This will have an effect on performance obviously - somewhere between 10-20% less compared to PCIx16 and PCIx16.

    4) Sorry, can't help with this one!
  4. Forgot to add, do you mean that your second card won't fit inside your case? If so there's not a lot you can do other than a new case unless you can shift your HDDs around to make enough room.
  5. ^got lazy and didn't look up his board, sounded like it didn't fit by his description, lol

    I still wouldn't crossfire with that board.
  6. Hey guys, thanks a ton for the prompt replies !!

    Just a few rejoinders -

    (1) Far as I know P55 is crossfire enabled. But thats not the issue. The thing is the PCI slot (blue one) towards the bottom of the cabinet is very close to the base and any card even slightly thich (5670 sure is thick) will not be able able to use it. Another cabinet might help if only there's a provision for screwing the motherboard an inch above the base of the cabinet.

    (2) if I were to change, would GTX460 be a good choice. I've never used Nvidia before got this feedback that the latest Nvidia cards were having problems.
  7. I can kind of see your issue here:

    From the picture it doesn't look as though there would be a problem but if you're certain it wouldn't fit then trust your judgement. What case do you have? This being said, I think with you being limited to PCIx4 crossfire anyway, it may be worth your while just going for a better single card solution.
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