AverTV HD Capture Card

I want to get an HD Capture card for my pc. I was looking at the Avermedia AverTV HD DVR.
It has PCIEx1 interface, but my motherboard only has PCIEx16 and PCI. I have searched around for other cards, but this is the only one that has all the specs that I need.

So looking around I found this adapter to convert one of my PCI slots into PCIEx1.
Do you think it would work, and is it a good idea? Physically it will fit in my case but I don't know if it will work properly.
Any help is appreciated.
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  1. PCIe x1 will work in a PCIe x16 slot and you don't even need the adaptor.
  2. Well, my pci-e slot is where my graphics card is... sorry I should have specified that.
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