How bad is my CPU?

i tested my cpu with free cpu mark 2.2 and got a score of 57.13 seconds is it a really bad score???thanks in advance....
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  1. i cant even get that to work, use wprime

    if u cant get it to run, run as administrator, run the 32m benchmark
  2. Of course you could just tell us exactly what CPU it is...
  3. its an athlon x2 4000 @ 2.1ghz.sorry but i cant oc it as my mobo doesnt allow.
  4. Oh, yeah, it's pretty week. It's not terrible but if you're considering for gaming purposes, it'll limit you in quite a few games. Just check the homepage, as Tom's Hardware has a new article concerning CPU bottlenecks. 2 cores at 3ghz was ok for a couple games but many saw bottlenecking, and you're only at 2.1ghz.
    If you're thinking of an upgrade, like getting a new GPU, you shouldn't spend more than $150 on the GPU... like a 5770, or 5750.
  5. I'd recommend an Athlon x3 coupled with a Radeon HD 4870 because the 4870 is on sale at newegg for $130 (-$30 mail-in rebate). You can't beat a 4870 for $100. :sol:
  6. Well if he can't overclock, it would follow that he's using a prebuilt system, and therefore the CPU compatibility might be very limited. However, I definitely agree that an upgrade would be quite benefitial. At worst a new mobo + cpu.
  7. well i dont wanna upgrade cuz i will be using this system for 10 months more.then i will get a new pc.see i am buying an hd 5670 within few days and i am planing to play games at 1024x768 resolution .i just wanted to know that will this cpu ruin my plans or will i be able to get decent framerates at medium settings?
  8. Check some benchmarks, but I think at that low a resolution and only medium settings, you'll probably get playable frame rates from most games. How much RAM do you have? If less than 2GB, adding RAM may help some titles (and performance in general).
  9. i already have 2 gb ram.
  10. It should do fine for most games at medium settings.
  11. get a new processor, maybe a amd athlon X4 620?
  12. hansen, he's got a pre-built, so he probably can't flash the BIOS, and it is also likely AM2, may be 65W max, so there won't likely be too many CPU choices, and no AM3 ones.
    @OP, if you're planning to re-use the GPU you're about to buy in your new PC, I'd suggest something a little stronger. Even though it will be bottlenecked now, you won't discover you'll need to replace it in ten months (although that's a long time and new cards are right around the corner). If you have the budget for it, something like a HD5770 may last into your next PC, depending on the games you play.
  13. i can buy a pc right now but it would be a medium one as i only have rs 32000,i.e,$730.but within 10 months i will get $1800 so my total budget would be almost $2500 so i could buy a high end rig at that time.for now i just want to know whether my current rig will be able to play games till that time or not at 1024x768 resolution and medium settings.and i will buy a new vga card that time.
  14. If you're replacing it soon, your rig will definitely play most anything at medium settings.
  15. hey look i found this benchmark of farcry 2:-

    as u can see the e1600 got 45 fps at my resolution.and it is almost equal to my i think i will be ok at medium settings.thanks for your replies.
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