Best AGP card anyone has actually used in a Dell OptiplexGX270

I tried a HIS HD4350 DDR3 in my Dell Optiplex GX270 and just got a black screen. HIS tech support says that 4000 series cards (and usually 3000 series) don't work with old motherboards because they cannot tell where to send the video. Yet, I search on here and see a bunch of threads recommending higher end cards for this system. Newegg has a review of the 4670 working on this system. I don't have another machine to try the card you think it is just a bad card?

So I really want to get another card if this one doesn't work, but I need to know what is the best one that the computer will recognize and actually work with. All I want is to stream internet video (HD hopefully).

This is such a common old computer. What has worked for you guys?
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  1. well, the easiest way is to try your card in another machine...
    I don't want you buy a new card and that card is not working(again)...
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