5770 HDTV as seperate display?

I have an 22" Widescreen (DVI)

I just got a STI 5770 so I could hook it up to my 42" Panasonic HDTV.

I hook up the HDMI, and the DVI at the same time.

The problem is it keeps treating it as one display. The most I can do is turn off the second one.
I can get the display to switch between them. THe problem I have is I have no way (from inside Cataylst) to set up any properties for the HDTV. It always defaults.
Meaning, I switch displays over, then I have to change the resolution. Then I have to switch back and change resolution again.

Any idea how to fix this?
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  1. Go into Catalyst Control Center:

    1. Click Displays Manager section
    2. Click on the display # which corresponds to your HDTV.
    3. Then right click on the monitor icon which corresponds to the HDTV.
    4. Then click "Extend main onto digital panel."
  2. The problem is both my HDTV and my Monitor have the #1 next them. Meaning, for what ever reason. They are being tied together. How can get it to have the HDTV have #2 next to it. Make it a second monitor?
  3. Sounds like you've got Eyefinity activated - this tells Windows your 2 monitors are actually 1 really big, wide one. This is great in games, but not so great for your set up.

    Have a look in the Catalyst Control Centre and see if there's an option to disable Eyefinity in there (sorry, I'm still on 4870's so haven't got the option at all in mine).
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