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I built my PC some time ago, and I have an Intel E6750 (Conroe) coupled with a 8800GT graphics card. Am I more likely to be limited by the CPU or the card?
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  1. I would suggest to get new gpu. If u need me to give you an idea on a gpu pls give me ur budget
  2. Kindve an old processor, but it should be alright. If you want to replace the processor, you will have to buy a new motherboard too. I reccomend the AMD 955 Black edition quad core. If you want to upgrade your GPU, I reccomend the gtx 460
  3. upgrade both. they are both pretty old and slow, so go with a whole new mobo/cpu/gpu. id suggest phenom II x4 blk ed 955 + MSI 890FXA-GD70 mobo, plus a gtx 460 or radeon 5770
  4. Before we start suggesting what you need, what does your computer do or not do thats Fracking you off? If you love playing video games then your GPU could be upgraded. If your always getting annoyed because that filter you applied in Photoshop 2 min ago is STILL not done then a new CPU will help. Don't forget about your ram or PSU as well. 2GBs of ram isn't much, and a junk PSU could blow when you install that shiny new GTS460.
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