Gf deleted data on external, how do i get it back?

I have my external plugged into my router so that it accessible on the network with out my computer needing to be on. We use our PS3 to do netflix and watch movies/shows off my external. She recently did some snooping and wound up deleting a folder off my external. I tried to use the program Recuva, with no luck. Is there a difference when deleting files over the network on the PS3 vs. deleting them from a PC? I thought it all worked the same and just made the data unable to be seen and flagged for overwrite no matter how it was deleted or from where. Also, what other programs would you suggest for data recovery? Thanks!
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  1. Simply deleting the data marks the blocks as not used. There is no flagging for overwriting. The space just becomes available for use. It will eventually be overwritten when other data is written to the drive. The odds of writes destroying your data depend on how much free space you have, how big the write was, how many writes there are, how fragmented your drive is, etc. etc.

    If you wrote a bunch of data to the drive after the deletion, then sorry, but the data is probably unrecoverable.

    And yes, there are more secure ways to delete files that will destroy the data by intentionally writing garbage data over it. I'd recommend you hide your porn better next time.
  2. I definitely should hide it better, that is a fact. It was quite a large file but nothing has been written to it since then, and there is plenty of space left on it. I'm just baffled that these programs I'm using are not detecting the data. What are your suggestions?
  3. If you're using the drive as part of a media server, then it's possible that the drive is also being used for cache. This is going to write huge amounts of data (gigabytes) to the drive while you stream videos to your PS3/XBOX.

    There are a lot of ways data can be written to a disk without you realizing it's happening. I'd recommend checking the settings on your media server and see where the cache goes.

    As far as actually recovering the data, you can try additional recovery programs. Sounds like she killed the data good, though.
  4. Thanks for the information, I never knew it wrote data while streaming, but I guess it kind of makes sense. I have since removed the external from the router to my actual pc and have started going through programs, one-by-one, to try and recover. So far there hasn't been a trace of the data, so maybe it is stored in a cache and ill have to see where that is. Thanks again!
  5. Is there a chance she used a more secure deletion tool like a file shredder? Might she be that tech savy?

    Also some of those external units dont delete if they have room, they move it to a hidden folder and delete after a time or if space is needed. Check the manufacturer for an undelete utility or simular.
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    We use GetDataBack, it scans the drive sector by sector. A one TB can take a day or two to get through, but it recreated the file tree, the root and some subfolders may have generic names, but if you remember where everything was on the external it shouldn't take long to recover.

    I have been able to recover a lot with this and it really is a great piece of software. I will for the future look into free solutions but probably not in time to help with this.
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