C2Q E7400 with GTX 275 serious bottle necking?

i have an Core 2 duo E7400 2.80ghz, i will replace my current GPU a 9500 GT to an GTX 275.

i know there will be some serious bottle necking here, but i want to know is it going to give me better results? or will this be a upgrade sideways?

i have an 23' LG LED LCD montior and will be playing on or hoping to play at 1920x1080 resolution, will i still lag?
games that i might play are:
or that new Resident evil game

Can i play these game at high settings without any lagging? im also using 3GB of RAM and a Win7 32bit.

also, when i comes to HD video editing. will this setup do the job?

i am planning to buy an Quad core in the future but a lot of people say the E8*** something core 2 duo would be better.

from what i read in forums and reviews, when i comes to Quad Cores only the Q9550 gets all the approval, while the Q8400 and lower series dont. i dont have money to get the Q9550. The best i could do is prolly get an Q6600 ( 2nd hand ) or and Q8400.

so what do you guys think? thanks guys.
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  1. I don't think the E7400's going to bottleneck the GTX 275 that badly. If you live near a Micro Center, you can get a Q9550 for ~ $179.99, I'm not sure if it's available at all stores though. The Q8400 is faster than the Q6600 at stock speeds, if you can't get a Q9550, and are not overclocking the Q8400 would be your best choice. If you do plan to overclock (mind you, you will need a decent cooler) than the Q6600 would be a better choice.
  2. nope no plan to overclock, thats scary stuff for me. haha. well i live in the philippines and the Q9550 its pretty expensive here maybe converted to dollars more or less around $400-550.

    you think i'd still lag? with this rig?
  3. in most games i don't think you'll see much lag, but i really think going to an Q8400 would be much more of a sideways step since even now there not much performance gained after 3 cores, really just 2. the 3 improves alittle because you have a dedicated OS core, but really i would recommend you either just keep your e7400 stock, or possibly overclock, this build for me was my first and first overclock, and it went pretty well, much easier then you would think it just takes a few hours of tinkering to zone in on that sweet spot
  4. so whats a safe Quad core for games and movie editing on stock aside from Q8400 or Q9550? i really want my Gtx 275 to be put to full use without any overclocking
  5. well on a 775 mobo nothing really, the q9550 is about as good are you going to get except the q9650 which is only like 100mhz faster for 80 bucks more, so if you want a quad core you're best bet is the q9550, the q8400 it would really be half and half, in the few games that actually use more then 2 cores you will see a slight speed up, in the ones that don't it'll be about even possibly your 7400 will do better with it's very slight clock speed advantage, so really i wouldn't even spend the money for the chance at a small increase
  6. There should be no bottleneck with the GTX 275 on the 7400
  7. Your CPU should handle that card just fine. It would help a little bit if you would consider to overclock it to 3.2-3.4 GHz. That is a 45 nm CPU so you should be able to get it to that speed with no problem. But that depends on your motherboard.

    If not, until you can afford a quad it will suffice.
  8. Bottle necking is all relative really. yes an i7 might get better numbers out of your card but then your CPU wont send it stuttering to a halt either. Toms did an article recently where lower CPU's than yours were tested and the 5850 they used was the bottleneck and not the CPU so i say your fine.

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    nope no plan to overclock, thats scary stuff for me. haha. well i live in the philippines and the Q9550 its pretty expensive here maybe converted to dollars more or less around $400-550.

    your e7400 isnt a bottleneck, your wallet is.
  10. wh3resmycar said:
    your e7400 isnt a bottleneck, your wallet is.

    Good one.
  11. haha! yea your right my wallet is. ill save up more for the Q9400 instead. There no way i can get the higher Quad core series anytime soon. Anyway thanks for the help guys, this really made my upgrade worth it! :)
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