P6100 versus core i3 330M

Hi Guys

Need your input on this one.. both these chips are laptop processors..

The P6100 is a deravative of core i3 without hyperthreading and VT....

I have seen that the benchmarks for P6100 is about 1482 and that for core i3 about 2000


I am curious how there can be such a big diffrence with HT ?

is it that the web site is wrong or is it the true fact that core i3 is faster with HT feature on( about 20% taking into consideration the greater clock on i3 ?

Please can you also let me know if the P6100 falls a bit behind in HD playback??

I guess though the Power consumption on the i3 will be higher(i mean closer to 35w TPD) than the P6100 due to hyper threading ?

The last question i would want to ask is how does CPU power consumption and laptop battery backup relate?for instance a CPU that uses 35w constant and another 45w consatnt wat would be the diffrences in battery backup provided by the laptop ?

I have lot of questions un answered and thought this forum here will help ?

Many thanks for your replys
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  1. Difference in speed fsb and HT creates the performance difference. The CPU with higher power consumption will deplete the battery power faster. if the 10watt difference in your example was 10% of the total power consumption it will affect the battery life by 10%.
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