Uh... What just happened? PSU/Board??

So today after class I try to power on my PC. I haven't used it since 2am. Doesn't turn on... Not even a whimper or attempt to start just outright dead. So i unplug the power chord retry, nothing; flip switch on and off, nothing and change the powerstrip it's on, nothing. While I'm down there doing all this I notice the indicator light on the board isn't lit, but the indicator on my USB Edrive is as well as my CM Storm mouse.

So... What's the deal? The mouse is never lit up while the PC is off, but now it is when the PC won't turn on? Things point to the board IMO, but what's yours?

Phenom II x4 960 no oc
4GB Patriot Viper 1600
40gb intel ssd/ 1tb wd caviar black
GTX 260
MSI NF980-G65
TT Element V w/ Corsair 850W
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  1. If your UGB drive and mouse is on then the motherboard is getting power. My motherboard keeps the USB ports powered when it is off. But if the indicator light isnt lit it is possible that the board (or parts of it) are dead. Do you have another PSU you could test out? If you think your power switch is dead you could get a paperclip and connect the green wire to a yellow wire (on the 24 pin connector) which if everything works will turn on the PC (I test PSU's that way)
  2. It's green wire to black wire.
  3. Yeah it is green to black. I have been in class all day so... Another fun weekend project... I'm just saying that the lights on the mouse/hd are never on after the PC is turned off so goo MSI...
  4. May be the sata cable to HDD is not well connected.i had this trouble once.actually fans started to run then it shut down.this happened continuously.Try the connections first..
  5. Well I've been having problems freezing during booting and bsods. Somehow the problem above fixed itself, but I took out the graphics card and it didn't freeze for once during a boot. I used the onboard graphics to test this and the screen flashed non stop. I used 2 different monitors, tried HDMI/DVI tried booting to w7 then to vista. Installed and uninstalled graphics driver and it never stopped. So obviously the onboard VGA is bad so it's likely the board overall is just garbage.
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