No audio via HDMI (readon hd4870)

I have an ATI READON HD4870, and I want to connect my computer to my LCD.
I have an hdmi to hdmi cable and ati DVI TO HDMI ADAPTER. On the first time, I connected the cable and I heard the audio just fine, without changing any setting. After a while, without doing any changes, I couldn't hear the audio from my TV anymore. I saw here that I should the ATI HDMI AUDIO as deafult in the control panel, but I just dont have this option- I only have my realtek Speakers option.
I downloaded the ATI HDMI AUDIO DRIVER, but nothing has changed.

what should I do?
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  1. Are you connecting via HDMI - HDMI or DVI - HDMI? Because it needs to be HDMI - HDMI (No adapters).
  2. hey,
    Im using HDMI-HDMI CABLE + ATI HDMI TO DVI ADAPTER, since I don't have a direct output of HDMI in my card.
    What should I do?
    Thank you.
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