Best Card up to 50$?



USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, but not for hardcore graphic games, lets say WoW, Spore, and if it could run better games then sure :D

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: onborad Sis Mirage Graphic 32mb -_-

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: everything u need is here:

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: but if u find something better in a diffrent site bring it :P



CROSSFIRE: Idk wtf this is o.O


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: The best card up to 50$,
i heard that i cant find better then this:

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  1. thats better then the [...] CatId=1826 ?
  2. I got a 404 error from your link.

    If you can stretch another $5 get this:

    By reviews its much better than the HD5550.
  3. wats the MIR?
    and are these cards better then the BFG GeForce 7950 GT / 512MB GDDR3 / SLI Ready / PCI Express / Dual DVI / HDTV / Video Card?
  4. MIR = Mail in rebate, I've never done it before as I live in the UK and so can't shop at newegg.

    Yes they are better that a 7950 GT.
  5. oh dam they dont ship international?
    cause i live in israel...
  6. No they don't ship internationally

    "Does ship internationally? does not currently ship internationally; we only deliver to locations within the United States and to Puerto Rico."
  7. ugh, well tigerdirect ships international...
    so whats my best chois from there?
  8. so thats the best card i can get for up to 50$?
    u sure? cause ill order it soon
  9. I would recommend two things;
    1) Save up slightly more
    2) Buy a used card from Ebay instead
    Your resolution is quite high which means a lot of pixels and how powerful a card you need is directly related to how many pixels it needs to process. For your resolution I would recommend at minimum an HD4850 or GTS 250. Those cards are nearly 3 times more powerful than the HD4650 you are looking at. In general they are around $100 new but a used card on Ebay won't be much more than the $50 you are talking about. Just buy from a seller with good feedback so you know you aren't getting ripped off.
  10. that might be true, but i got a few questions:
    1. dont graphic cards start to be bad after u use them?
    2. whats the difference between pci-e and pci-e x16
    3. what used card could i buy for 50$?
  11. I just looked it up and if you do it right you can nab an HD4850 for under $60. Looking at Ebay's completed listings 5 of them have been sold in the last 2 weeks for under $60 from sellers that ship internationally(and also one GTS 250.)
    I forgot to look at the prices but you can also look for a 9800GTX or 9800GTX+. They are basically the same card as the GTS 250 and are likely cheaper.
    If you really can't go over $50 then grab a 9800GT. That card is still over twice as powerful as the HD4650. Won't be very good for your resolution but it also won't be bad either if you are willing to use modest settings.
  12. i can go max 60$ including shipping ( to israel )
    but can u answer my questions:
    1. dont graphic cards start to be bad after u use them?
    2. whats the difference between pci-e and pci-e x16
  13. devilite said:
    that might be true, but i got a few questions:
    1. dont graphic cards start to be bad after u use them?
    2. whats the difference between pci-e and pci-e x16
    3. what used card could i buy for 50$?

    1) Cards can breakdown after a while like any component but they can also last a long time. Honestly I've only had one card that stopped working after a few years(a 6800GT.) New would of course be preferable but with your resolution and budget used is definitely the way to go.
    2) All video cards you are likely to find are PCI-E x16. There are two different kinds of PCI-E ports, x16 and x1. x16 is for graphic cards while x1 is for other add-on cards like sound cards or wireless cards.
    3) One or two of the HD4850s I saw actually went for $50 or less but you may have to be very lucky to get one. I guess if you just bid the $50 on every functional HD4850/GTS 250 from sellers that ship internationally then you'll probably end up with one shortly. Keep in mind that different sellers charge different amounts for shipping and I don't know how much you have set aside for that. Other cards to look at in a performance level slightly below the HD4850/GTS 250 are the 9800GT I mentioned earlier as well as the HD4770 and HD4830.
    For your reference here is a chart showing the performance of most of these cards at 1920x1200(slightly higher than your resolution but close enough.);

    The HD4650 isn't on the chart but it performs similarly to the 9500GT.
    BTW what kind of power supply do you have? It will also determine what kind of card you can use.
  14. devilite said:
    i can go max 60$ including shipping ( to israel )

    You can forget about tigerdirect then;
    That says they only accept payment for international orders by wire transfer and charge a $25 fee for processing it, and that's before the shipping charges which are likely more than $10 anyway.
    I have no idea how much various sellers on Ebay are going to charge to ship to where you are but they are likely going to charge more than $10 as well. My first suggestion of waiting a little and saving up slightly more really might be the way to go I think.
  15. how do i check the power supply?
  16. If you take off the side of your computer's case you should be able to see the power supply(it is the thing the power cord is plugged into.) On the side of the power supply will be a chart. It will tell you the name and model as well as the overall power rating along with the ratings for the different voltages. The one that is important for video cards is the +12v rating. So find that on the chart and/or tell us the brand and model of the PSU and we should be able to look it up.
    Looking at the specs you linked to(I missed it earlier) your processor is not particularly good for gaming although it is dual core which is good. If you motherboard allows for overclocking that would help a lot for gaming, especially on something like WoW. The processor you have is actually very good for overclocking. At stock it is 1.8ghz but it should be able to get up to 3ghz rather easily.
  17. on the sticker it sais:
    LG TECH P-4 350W ATX12V

    and btw theres no HD4850 512MB for 50$,
    inculiding shipping it gets up to 100$,
    any other card suggestions that are good as the HD4850 512MB?
  18. The prices you currently see on Ebay are not the final prices(apart from the "buy it now" items.) You need to bid on them. Like I said if you look at the completed listings you will see one or two did sell for $50 or lower in the last two weeks. Here is one that went for $41 and was available worldwide;
    As for the shipping I think will likely cost a good amount no matter who you get it from. I don't know what cards cost locally but it may actually be your best choice.
    As far as the HD4850 goes it doesn't matter anyway. A 350w power supply cannot handle an HD4850. Basically you want to avoid any card that needs an external power connector. The best cards that don't have one are the newer version of the 9800GT and the HD5670. They perform similarly. Neither is really good for your resolution but they should make pretty much every game at least playable if you are willing to use medium to low settings. They are the weakest cards I would consider for 1920x1080.
  19. well i can get a 9800gt for 110$ + 15$ shipping to israel, so its 125$
    but i think ill just take a 9500gt 1GB
    i dont need more than that, and besides it costs like 65$ for shipping to israel

    EDIT: actually i might get some more money and buy something better...
    what do u say about these?

    wats better from these 2?
  20. If you read on the site a bit the cards most people recommend for your resolution are the HD4870/HD5770/GTX 260. Basically for your resolution it goes like this;
    Great = HD5850 or better
    Good = HD5770/HD4870/GTX 260
    OK = HD5750/HD4850/HD4770/GTS 250/9800GTX
    Poor = 9800GT/HD5670/HD4830
    If a 9800GT or an HD5670 are really something you can't afford at any time soon then at least try for an HD4670 or 9600GT(one with no power connector.) Those may at least be semi-capable but the 9500GT/HD4650 are really not cards intended for anything above 1280x1024, even when they were first released.
  21. That 9600GT unfortunately is one with a power connector. If you look at the picture it is the small black cube on the back of the card in the upper right(the other side you can't see is where you plug in the connector.) There are two different versions of the card. One of them uses significantly less power and has no connector. The other(like the one you linked) probably cannot be handled by your power supply. The HD3850 likewise needs a power connector.
  22. k so i need a card without a power connector?
    does it cost more then one with a power connector?
    and wer can i buy one without a power connector? (what to write in ebay)
    and the hd3850 doesnt have a power connector u say, so thats good no?
  23. No, all HD3850s need a power connector. To find a 9600GT without one you'll have to look at each card individually and check the picture or contact the seller and ask. You could go for an HD4670 instead. The don't have a power connector at all.
  24. what does the power connector do anyways?
    and why wouldnt a 9600GT with a power connector work on my comp?
  25. The power connector (naturally) supplies power to the card. The PCI-E slot itself can provide up to 75w of power to a video card. If a card uses more power than that then it needs an additional power cable from the PSU. A while after they were released Nvidia redesigned both the 9600GT and 9800GT so that they used significantly less power and no longer used more than 75w so the external power connector was removed from the design. Both versions of the card are still sold, even new. It's not really the connector itself that you are avoiding it is just tells you which version of the card you are getting. Your power supply is a questionable brand and rated at 350w so a card that uses less than 75w is a good call to be safe. It possible it can handle the card with the connector but you won't know until you plug it in. Considering you are ordering from overseas it's definitely a good idea to play it safe or you may end up with a card you can't use until you save up more money for a better power supply.
  26. i just checked and i need 400w minimum for a 9600 gt card....
    and i check the nvidia site and only these 3 cards can run on 350 wat:
    220 GT
    240 GT
    9500 GT GDDR3

    is that true?
    if so, what should i take?
  27. No, as I said there are two different versions of the card. Here is the Nvidia page for the 9600GT;
    If you click on specifications you will see two different versions; 96w(with the power connector) and 59w(without it.) Scroll down and you'll see the recommended PSU for the 96w version is 400w while they recommend a 300w PSU for the low power card.
  28. oh i see...
    i dont think ill find someone selling a 59 w
    unless hes selling a used one...
    ill just buy a different card, i there a card as good as the 9600gt and at the same price without thne power connector?

    EDIT: i heard that this comes with the new 9600gt card:
    the black one goes in the card and the white ones connect to the computer somehow.
    well i opened my case and theres 2 white ones (ike in the picture, but the opposite gender) sticking out from different
    places in the case, is it posible that these 2 connect to the cable i showed in the pic?
  29. Yes, you can certainly use the adapter to connect your PSU to the card. As I said earlier though it is not the connector that is the problem. The issue is what the power connector represents. It is only present on versions of the card that need more power than is appropriate for your power supply. That is why you want one without the connector.
    As for other cards the HD4670 is your other option in this price/performance area. There are no version of that card need a power connector so they are all safe. the GT 240 or HD5570 would also be ok choices but they usually cost more.
  30. k thx alot for the help i get it now :D
    uhmm the HD5570 Specs:
    Bus Type: PCI-E 2.1
    GPU Clock: 650 Mhz
    Memory Bus: 128
    Memory Type: DDR2
    Memory Size: 1024 MB
    Memory Speed: 1000 Mhz
    Thermal Solution: FANSINK
    Minimum Power Supply Requirement: 400 Watt
    Outputs: VGA, , , HDMI, Dual-Link DVI
    Card Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.376 x 0.75
    Feature: Directx 11 support, DirectCompute 5.0, Open CL, Shader Model 5.0, OpenGL 3.2, Windows 7, HDMI

    I need 400 Watt for it?
    cause i only got 350 o.o

    EDIT: thats wat a seller in ebay sais (hes selling it for 110$, free shipping worldwide):
    but heres someone that ais it need only 350W;wap2

    EDIT2: oh 400W is recommended for the card, well wat can happen if i got 350w?
  31. The HD5570 is actually the lowest power card of any of these. If your PSU can handle anything it is that card. Unfortunately that is one of the few DDR2 versions of the HD5570 which severely limits that card.
    It is the version of the 9800GT without the power connector and they only charge $10 shipping. Write to the seller and offer the $100 if they will sell it to you now. It would be the best card you can get with that power supply.
  32. Here is an HD5670 for $120 shipped to Israel if you can swing that;
    It is very slightly weaker than that 9800GT but it is DX11 compatible which is nice.
    I would recommend one of those 2 cards if at all possible but if the HD5670 is too much and the guy with the 9800GT won't deal then here is a low power 9600GT for $109 shipped;
    It says or best offer and he has 9 of them to sell so you may want to write to him and try to get it for less.
  33. idk, cause im getting it in a week, i might talk to the guy, anyway
    what about the radeon card, i didnt understand what u said, so will
    it work on my pc or not?
    if it will, wich of these to buy:
    i didnt know theres so many 5570 HD 1GB, whats the difference
  34. The main difference between the different versions of the card are the cooler, warranty and price. On low power cards the cooler doesn't matter much. I would choose mainly based on price(and definitely avoid the DDR2 version of the card.
    The HD5570 should be your last option though. Basically look for the cards in this order;
    9800GT/HD5670 > 9600GT > HD4670 > HD5570
    With a strong preference for either the 9800GT or HD5670 if at all possible.
  35. well i decided to buy from amazon,
    so can u get me links to the the best 9800GT or 5670HD offer on amazon?
    and btw will any of these cards even work on my pc?
    are my proccessors even good enough?
  36. these cards require 400w+
    i got 350w..
    i think ill just buy the 9500 gt
  37. All of these cards will work on your PC. The processor is quite weak at stock but if you can overclock it should be ok. If not then it will bottleneck the card but it really depends on the individual game and what settings you are using as to whether your card or the processor will be the limiting factor. Tell me what motherboard you have if you know and I'll tell you if it allows for overclocking. If you don't know DL a program called CPU-Z and it will tell you.
    That said even if you OC upgrading the processor at some point is a good idea. Considering your current CPU you motherboard should be able to handle much better processors. Even something for $70-80 or so would be a nice upgrade or for $150-200 you can get a quad core.
    As for the cards on amazon this is the cheapest low power 9800GT I'm seeing;
    It's sold through amazon by someone else though and I'm not sure if they will ship to you. If not then I would get this HD5670;
    How much is amazon charging you for shipping?
    I'm out for a while. I'll check the thread when I get back.
  38. i dont have a problem with amazon i found a way, they ship to my grandparents, and my grandparents ship to israel ( my granparents live in usa )
    i srsly dont want to star getting into OC i dont want anything complicated...
    btw wat could happen if i put a card thats for 400w on my pc ( lets say the 9800gt )
  39. devilite said:
    these cards require 400w+
    i got 350w..
    i think ill just buy the 9500 gt

    No they don't, any of these cards will be ok for your PSU. The manufacturers suggestions are for the total system and they don't know what the rest of your system consists of and they assume a very low quality PSU. All of these cards actually use less then 75w of power, some significantly so. That leaves 275w for the rest of the system which is much more than adequate even if your PSUs rating is quite inaccurate.
  40. k...
    so i guess im going with this:
    u sure its ok? cause i dont even see rating =/, and who the hell are sparkle?
    thats the best card i can get then?
  41. devilite said:
    i dont have a problem with amazon i found a way, they ship to my grandparents, and my grandparents ship to israel ( my granparents live in usa )
    i srsly dont want to star getting into OC i dont want anything complicated...
    btw wat could happen if i put a card thats for 400w on my pc ( lets say the 9800gt )

    With that 9800GT what will happen is your computer will be able to play games. If you were to put in a card that your PSU cannot actually handle then the system will either just not start up with the card installed or it may boot but end up restarting itself when you launch a game and the card tries to draw more power.
  42. i see, but i think ill put another 10 bucks to buy a better brandname,
    will my pc be ok with this:
  43. devilite said:
    so i guess im going with this:
    u sure its ok? cause i dont even see rating =/, and who the hell are sparkle?
    thats the best card i can get then?

    Well, that's the best deal I spotted. Sparkle is an ok but small brand. If you are willing to pay slightly more then get that Sapphire HD5670. It's actually what I would probably go for. The 9800GT is very slightly faster but the HD5670 is newer technology that is DX11 compatible and has more advance video/audio playback features. Sapphire is the largest video card seller in the world and have a good reputation.
    If you aren't willing to try overclocking(it's really not very hard) then try to save up for a new processor next as what you have is pretty weak at stock and you'll see some good improvements even with something fairly cheap as I said earlier.
  44. devilite said:
    i see, but i think ill put another 10 bucks to buy a better brandname,
    will my pc be ok with this:

    That is one of the higher power cards with the connector.
  45. what u mean to tell me that this:
    has a power connector like the 9600gt?
    so i cant buy that?!

    so ur telling me to get this:
    best card i can get for the price?
    cause it looks kinda dull, and theres no info nor ratings on it...
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