Csrss caught by avira but somehow made my 52kbps modem undetctable

I have been using Avira Free for quite sometime and it was going ok.1 day,the scan picked up csrss and I used avira to delete the infection but from that day i couldn't connect to the internet as connection wizard says "modem removed' though it isn't.I also can't see the modem in device manager.Help for fixing this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Thats a tricky one lol, and I havent removed csrss from my system because is a valid part of windows
    there is also a csrss.exe which is listed as a trojan (Maybe some A.v programs see it as such), sounds like you removed the legitimate one :)
    windows repair should sort it though
  2. Thanks for your reply.Avira didn't apparently remove the legitimate Windows csrss because it still shows up in task manager as a system process.Everything else in the computer works fine.Ijust can't connect to the internet because of the modem thing.
  3. do you have your motherboard driver disk?
    might be worth finding the lan device drivers on there if you can
    and re-installing them, failing that find them online (using different pc ofc) stick them on a zipdrive and install from there.
  4. No I don't.I have a Smart-link modem.I may just re-install windows with or without formatting if XP will start detecting modem again.Do you know where exactly the installed drivers of your modem are present in C so that i can copy those files?I don't have the driver cd anymore.
  5. you most likely dont have the drivers in there to copy which is why you are probably having this problem, if you know your motherboard model, you could try the makers website for drivers but I think that windows repair should sort it without having to re-install the whole thing
  6. Does your modem appear in Device Manager? I'd try a repair install of Windows before you fully re-install - Windows may detect and automatically install the correct drivers for your modem.
  7. No modem doesn't appear in Device manager since this happened.My Smartlink modem's version is which i found out through the windows registry.I haven't tried repairing Windows yet for fear that Windows XP won't have built-in driver for it and I will lose the installed driver too which is probably somewhere in C but I don't know where.If you have knowledge about whether XP automatically detects this modem version and has a built-in driver for it,please tell me so that I can proceed with the repair.Or if you know where computer's modem driver is saved,tell me that.Thanks.
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    I'm not sure where or even if you can keep your installed drivers by copying them from your HDD. I don't think it works this way. I've had a quick look around. It seems that Smartlink was actually taken over by Conexant so that's probably why you're having trouble finding drivers for Smartlink products. However, I did find this site which seems to have the latest drivers for Smartlink products:

    Just select your modem type from the list and try reinstalling the drivers. This may resolve the issue but I remain skeptical at the moment. It could also be possible that the Winsocks became damaged after you removed the virus. This fix may work and is taken from the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Step 1

    1. Click Start, and then click Run.
    2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
    3. In Registry Editor, locate the following keys, right-click each key, and then click Delete:



    4. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
    Note Restart the computer after you delete the Winsock keys. Doing so causes the Windows XP operating system to create new shell entries for those two keys. If you do not restart the computer after you delete the Winsock keys, the next step does not work correctly.

    Step 2 Install TCP/IP

    1. Right-click the network connection, and then click Properties.
    2. Click Install.
    3. Click Protocol, and then click Add.
    4. Click Have Disk.
    5. Type C:\Windows\inf and then click OK.
    6. On the list of available protocols, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click OK.

    Restart the computer and try to get online.

    Failing that, there's also a free program called LSPFix that specialises in repairing damaged Winsock settings after improperly removing a bug etc. I'd also give this ago if you have no luck. Link:

    Post back and let us know how you get on!
  10. @moody89:Thanks for your detailed reply.I tried the fix from the Knowledge base but it didn't work,same entries as before were created in the registry i.e winsocks were probably not damaged.
    I then tried opendrivers and download@cnet but couldn't find the exact drivers.I went to conexant's website and downloaded the list_modem application that tells you about your modem version if you have a conexant chipset.i ran the tool but it said no modems found though my Smartlink modem is inside!
    Then I downloaded the generic HCF modem driver for XP but the moment I clicked on the setup file,I got the Blue Screen of Death.On restart,computer began to detect conexent's API or something as a hardware but it didn't work as faulty installation.Repeated step with same result and still no modem listed in Device Manager.
    Then I tried to upgrade to Windows XP from XP's copy saved on hard disk thinking that it would work like a repair but no luck.Then I tried to repair from bootable cd but I guess it had too many scratches so files were corrupted.
    Now what should I do?Get a new XP cd to try repair or try installing drivers for some version close to my modem's driver version?Secondly,which is better,a higher version or a lower version?Thanks!
  11. I think you guys should check out there are 2 or 3 products that may be a match. I think that OESIS Framework at provides a single interface to many antivirus and Avira is in that list. Another option is, I think, Metascan at which is more for ISV.
    I also found that Avira is certified by OPSWAT at

    I hope this helps.

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