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how to calculate carbondioxide in kg from wattage of computer components
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  1. Absolutely no idea! But Asus gives a tool with which is shows the CO2 emissions in mg. Don't know how accurate that is or that software calculates it.
  2. Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is not the reason for past slight temperature rises.

    There is no scary danger around the corner which needs us to bring our carbon footprint to zero.

    This is a HOAX to (among other things) ultimately help bring on the first GLOBAL 'carbon' TAX, paid to the 'world bank'... in the name of environmental saftey.

    I'd make that my answer. :) Also let him/her know about the 30,000k+ scientists/PHDs signed a petition deeming it a fraud.

    Unless this has nothing to do with global warming. :)

    Don't forget 5% of that stuff you just exhaled while reading this is Carbon Dioxide.
  3. Oh, but to answer you question. Find the power consumption 'w' of the component, then find an equation to find the kg of CO2 per 'w'.

    I'm sure that shouldn't be too hard to find with all the frantic carbon talk going around. *sigh
  4. You cannot convert watts to pounds of CO2, its just not possible, its like converting inches into giant red hot air balloons, there is no conversion rate for it. If all your power comes from wind and hydro then its a 1:0 ratio, if all your power comes from burning coal in a fire pit then its a higher ratio, but without knowning exactly where your power comes from and what percentage comes from where you cant come anywhere close to guessing how many pounds of CO2 come from each kW of power produced.
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