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Crossfire 5770's or....

Ok, I havent done much modding to my Rig lately, and I dont want to get the new 6K series ati cards, I'm just wondering if the following idea is a waste of time/money or if it would be money well spent, I play Wow, thats it for gaming.
(Whatever I do to my rig I have to match on my Gf's Rig or she might get upset :P)
Current set up:
M3a770de Mobo
Amd X3435 unlocked to X4 B35 running at 3.2Ghz most days, (sometimes 3.5Ghz) Stock cooler
Sapphire 5770 Clocked to 960/1350
4Gb 1600Mhz ram
600W Storm psu (Cheap and does the job fine)

I'm at a loose end and starting thinking of maybe putting another 5770 in there, one to see the improvement if any and partially for more Cable management challenges :P

I know I'm going to have to upgrade the psu to do this and seems to have enough headroom to last me a few years,
and appeals to my cable management fetish, Wires are for other people hehe
So, 2 of those is setting me back a couple of hundred quid already, then I'm at about £114 each for 2 more Sapphire 5770's,

So, I'm looking at about £220 per Pc to crossfire, and I'm not overly convinced that its a worthwhile investment, I think its more itchy screwdriver thats making me want to do something to the Rig,
another option is ofc a proc upgrade but I dont see the need, We play Wow, thats it, the unlocked 435's do that a treat and if I did get new chips, The old ones wouldn't sit in a drawer, I'd have to build a system with them to sell, not an option money-wise atm.
Bear in mind this isn't a 'must run out and buy stuff' post, I'm just looking over my options.
Thanks for any input/criticism in advance,
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  1. It is quite a good option. The Guru3D review states that the HD5770 CF is almost on par with the HD5850 CF and the HD5870 CF. Hard to believe but see for yourself.

    But ideally it would be something like a HD5870.
  2. I did read a few similar reviews Hell, anothe option would've been to upgrade us to a 5850/5870 each but still would need the psu and I thought crossfiring not only would work out cheaper, but somehow be a little bit cooler as well :)
    thats cool as in Groovy, not temps hehe
  3. You could run crossfire on a 650 watts.850 could run 4 5770s but he you want look into the xfx 850,just as good as the hx850 but currently £111 on ebuyer
  4. you only need a good brand 600w psu to run 5770's crossfire. They dont use that much power.
  5. the main reason for choosing 850w psu is because I want them to last a build or two so although a 600w will run 2x5770's I dont know what the future holds and would like the headroom,

    I'm rather surprised no-ones mentioned the 16/4 lane issue yet, that to me would be the main choker I'd have thought
    I did have an idea after I set off for work though, the Gf is away next week so I'll slap her card into my Rig and furmark them in singlemode and Cf, see exactly what the improvement is,
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    If you are planning for the future then i would say that 850W is long term premium. Its a good choice. A good PSU last quite a while. But do take into consideration the capacitor aging factor when making a long term plan for a PSU. Although these Corsair PSU are made of stone, nothing ever happens to them! :)
  7. I was hoping a good named psu would last us three years,
    I figure thats two gfx cards upgrades or so but I'll see what the gain (if any) is from crossfiring on these boards, it may not be worth doing hehe,
    but complete new builds wouldn't be possible at the moment,or justifiable to the better half, I only built hers in july :)
  8. here is something that could help a little ( give's you rough idea );
    i own HX850 and love it.Idon't trust corsair calculator
    "But ideally it would be something like a HD5870." << +1
  9. I actually do use the outervision psu calc lol, although i didnt in this case, just looked on scan for a decent psu over 600w
    Im thinking the next move might be a better chip/gfx card as the 16/4 issue is supposedly going to be pants, I'll know more once the Gf's gone away though and i can 'borrow' her card to see the 'improvement' on crossfired 5770's
  10. was shopping for psu about 6 months ago,ordered XFX850(seasonic) mention above,very nice ...but the cables-you needed crowbar to form them the way you wanted,end up going with corsair and 7 year warranty
  11. You havent seen my cable management have you? :)
    The cables WILL go where I want them hehe
    **Edit, quick blast on TT's psu calc, current setup is taking 583w (And my cheap Storm psu supplies that fine :P)
    and crossfire will want 643w, Looks like whatever I do new Psu's is first on the shopping list hehe,
    Suppose I'd best find me a best answer......

  12. Thanks Motopsychojdn for the links.
  13. Links? you mean the ones in my Sig?
    :) you're welcome, glad you like them man
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