[Casemod] Aquatuned LIAN LI

at first I`m from Germany and this is my first Project ;D

Lian Li PC-A77
AMD X6 1055T
WD Caviar Black 500 gb
Seasonic x650
Asus Crosshair IV


TFC Monsta
Laing Ultra with EK Top V2
EK Supreme Plexi
EK HD5870 V2
Tygon 15,9/11,1mm

What I`ll buy:

13x Phobya Nano-G 14 Silent Waterproof
Aquacomputer aquaero LT 4.00 with Powerbooster
Aquacomputer Poweramp
Aquacomputer Flow Sensor
Aquacomputer Temperature Sensor
Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra – Red
Bitspower Fittings
MDPC X sleeve red, black and white
sleeve tools

What will be done:

New inlay window
Case will be sprayed red outside and white inside
Top window
Change Mainboardtray to inverted ATX

How it looks like now :

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  1. Was there a question for the forum? Are you wanting an opinion of the WC hardware you have chosen, or an opinion on how the case will look? If it is just and opinion of the appearance, I suggest modeling your system up in Maya, or 3d Max. Using Mental Ray renderer, global illumination, ray trace materials, and an HDRI background material. You should get a very realistic rendering. You can save yourself some modeling time by using a material with a good shot of the assembled Motherboard. tray, and hardware. There is always Photoshop as well for a mock up.

    If it is question of the WC hardware you have chosen, sorry not my area of interest, didn't mean to waste your time.


    If your question is about the WC hardware, you may get more help posting in "CPU & Components/Cases and Mods"
  2. Looking forward to how this pans out.

    @henrystrawn No there wasn't a question. This thread is a worklog.
  3. Sorry, my bad.
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