HAF-X Front-LED not working


Just installed my motherboard into my new HAF-X case and everything is working great, except the front LED light, which isn't working at all.

Fan runs and works - but no light. The "toggle" button doesn't do anything.
I made sure the PWD + and - are in the right pins for the motherboard; and seeing as the fan is running, power looks to be good as well.

Any ideas? Is it just a busted light?

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  1. try swapping that light for another (Hdd light should be same), see if its the light or the mobo thats the problem
  2. To be honest, not sure how I would do that. Isn't the light fixed to the FAN? (+ don't have spare LED lights around)
  3. oh,its the light actually on the fan?
    sorry man, I thought you meant like the power or hard drive activity light, if the fan works and the fan doesn't, contact the maker for a replacement fan unit imo, best I can offer sorry
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    Hi, I have a HAF X myself.

    I might be stating the obvious here but here goes:
    check if the fan is connected to the toggle button, there should be a 2-pin connector to the button, and if it is double check if the connection is good (i.e. doesn't have shorts, etc.)
    If you have already done the above, then you might have a bad fan, you should get it replaced.
  5. I suggest looking here, and insulating the front panel wires before anything drastic happens:
  6. Hey,

    I found out that I put only 1 pin in somehow (and bent the other :S) for the toggle button. I put it in properly now and all is fine.

    However, thanks for that link TheNewNormal, i'll read it over.
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