Intel or AMD with these parts??

Which one would you go with???
I want to OC my CPU to atleast 3.8ghz

i5-750 2.6ghz stock
x4 Phenom 3.2 stock, plus better CPU fan as a combo

either systems i choose will have these parts

MSI mobo
Corasir 750w
4gb 1600 mhz ram
HIS HD 5850
Antec 300 illusion case w/ 4 fans
and windows 7

Im gonna be using this as a gaming rig running eyefinity (plan on crossfiring HD 5850's)
It is only a $40-50 difference, should i jus stick with the Intel or go AMD
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  1. The i5-750 will perform better than the x4 955, though the x4 955 already gives you plenty of power, save the cash so you can get a 5850 sooner!

    What mobo are you going to get?

    And what monitors are you going to use?(this one is just curiosity because i'm probably going to buy 3 new monitors for eyefinity soon, if posible after you build it post pictures!)
  2. im using this MOBO, and i am getting this monitor... i like that monitor for the smaller bezels, and that mobo for the OC genie although i think i can figure out how to OC on my own...
  3. If I can sell my truck i will get two 5850's, if not then i will get it like 1-2 months later
  4. I would go with the AM3 build, if you are able to get better overall quality parts. If you are skimping on parts for the Intel build to keep the price the same or close. If all components are of equal quality, I would spend the extra $50 for an overall getter system (non-game related activities).
  5. the only thing difference in the build is the CPU, im gonna stick with the intel build. Im gonna start going to school for programming soon so im sure intel would be better for that kind of stuff then amd
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    go with intel. the cpu is better than the amd, and will last you longer. you can oc it, to get it up past many other cpu's in performance.
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