Why is my screen fading on one side of my dell latitude

Hi, I bought my Dell Latitude D531 2 years ago with a scratch mark on the top cover. It may have been dropped. I have only just started to notice the screen fading from that side and it is almost half way. It looks like a shadow.
Does anyone have any advice or answers as to what the problem may be? My Dell warranty seems to have expired.

Thanx, regards Ryan
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  1. Computer:
    Get the latest drivers from dell and install
    Verify that your refresh rate is correct for your monitor
    are the cables tight at both ends?

    can you degauss the screen?
    verify the screen size is not extended too far

    Does the fading get worse the longer it's on?
  2. Thank you for your response!
    My comp is still under warranty and Dell kindly came to my house and replaced the screen- still unbelievable service!
    Turns out, the LCD back light was faulty on the one side. The screen did get darker on the one side over time and looked like a shadow if you look from a angle.
  3. happy your fixed
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