Just cause 2 on igp

Hello friends. I just downloaded just cause 2. My Graphics is a XFX 9600 gt. I play at 1280*1024 without any lag. My

friend has a intel x4500. He tells me he gets some error. can he atleast run the game on his system at 1024*768 with

low settings.How about i playing at 1600*900 at med . please reply as i cannot get anything in the net regarding just

cause 2 on intel x4500.
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  1. IGP is not meant to be played... :)
    Tell your friend, get a dedicated card, it would be MUCH MUCH better than x4500.
  2. @wa1 Yeah i know it. But it should be playable at atleast 800*600. should he install direct x10 separately. why is the

    directx error coming.
  3. Is your friend using XP? Just Cause 2 is a DX10 only game and DX10 cannot be used on Windows XP.
    Regardless of whether he is on XP or not trying to run current games on an Intel IGP is simply not worth it. He should stick to games at least a couple of years old.
  4. @jyjjy he is using windows 7. He plays call of duty mw 2 but why can't he atleast run just cause 2 on it. is there any

    separate download for dx10.
  5. This will update you to the latest directx
    The x4500 is still well below the listed minimum requirements for Just Cause 2. MW2 is rather forgiving on older/weaker hardware and just because he can get that playable at low settings does not mean such should be assumed of all or even most current games.
  6. jyjjy . this shows thati t is for directx9 and older versions not dx10.also my friend has no access to net.
  7. Yes, that updates older versions of directx to the latest. It is a web downloader though. I believe this is what you want if he has no access to the internet and needs to update directx;
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