Which SSD to buy for a SATA II board


i have a p45 mobo, and im planing to buy a SSD to speed up my computer.
I can choose between Agility 3 90 gb, Vertex 3 or 4 64 gb, Samsung 830 64gb, Adata sx900 64 gb, Verbatim V 200+ 64 gb

Considering that my system suports only sata II drives, which one should i buy?
Or in other words... should i buy the 90 gb Agility drive( which is one of the cheapest listed) or should i go with a different drive ?

thx =)
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  1. Samsung 830 is generally the recommendation you will find here the most often. They will likely all be fairly close in performance, but the samsung drives have proven to be very reliable and trouble free which is worth the small amount extra it may cost. There are some great deals on the 830 line right now since the 840 series is due out very shortly.

    If you could go with the 128gb model it would give you a lot more breathing room, but if budget only allows for the 64gb you should be fine just running the os off that drive.
  2. samsung 830 and ocz vertex 4 seem to be highly recommended. ocz has had their problems but i will say, they stand behind their product. i dont think any other company does as many updates (successfully i might add) as ocz. performance gains and issue fixes are common place.

    i think they got a bad rap from an early vertex 3 firmware which was causing many bluescreens. when i first got mine i was bluescreening daily, but after a firmware update ive been trouble free for 1.5 years.
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