Chipsets: nVidia vs. AMD

hey everyone.

i am to the point of learning about chipsets and wonder if you could tell me a few things.

1] i already have a GeForce GTS 450 and am wondering if I should go with the nVidia nForce 750a SLI chipset. The advantage of this board as far as I can tell is that the PCIe says 2x16 where alot of boards say 2-(1x16, 1x4). does this mean the second PCIe is going to be 4 times slower when I decide to SLI?

2] the nForce board doesn't have a South Bridge. what is the story with that? whereas all the AMD chipsets have a north and south bridge.

3] what are the differences/advantages of the AMD 770 and 870 series?

let's start here for now and this will help determine some more questions i will have later.

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  1. what do you guys think of this board for something that'll last me for 3-5 years?

    it has 2 pci-e's (x8+x8)
  2. well i just got an email letting me know i had responses... IT WAS MY SECOND ENTRY!!!
    man i will be glad when Tom's fixes this issue!!! sometimes i get 2, 3 or 5 emails of the same thing and NO ONE has replied!!!

    SO here we go about what I have learned since posting this thread... L. O. frikkin' L.

    nForce chipsets if you are going to use Geforce GPU's (specifically 2 of them). A single geforce will work on AMD chipsets, but until Buldozer comes out NOT 2 geforces on AMD chipsets. Bulldozer will let you SLI (nVidia) AND ALSO Crossfire (AMD's version of SLI).

    more notes:
    almost ALL AMD chipset based boards that I found at that have 2 or more GPU slots on them; first slot runs at x16 speed and the second runs @ x4 speed. well not exactly "runs" i believe it has to do w/ voltage speedscalled frequency.

    i did find 2 mobo's w/ x8(+)x8 - meaning 1 GPU runs @ x16 speed, and w/ 2 of them both the socets become x8 speeds.

    I couldn't help but think somebody is getting ripped off with this x16+x4 or even x8+x8 stuff!!! well it's not really that way - from what I understand the boards just can't handle the voltage speeds (i am sure the technicalities hee are dead wrong)

    HOWEVER with the nForce chipsets they run hotter (rumored why people kinda stay away from them. well w/ great to supreme cooling, i really don't see an issue. Most of the heatsinks on the north bridge's i have seen are ALSo copper vs. aluminum (again better for heat dissipation inclining this biotch is gonna be running warm.

    well to my discovery i see that most (and i mean a large number) of nForce boards ar x16(+)x16. yep BOTH PCIe 2.0 socets are x16 speed. hmmm makes me wonder maybe THIS IS WHY they run hotter??? THEY ARE x16 on slot 1 and x 16 times 2 when using 2 GPU's (nVidia geforce by the way).

    so i will leave this thread at that, and absolutely would love more detailed information to fill the pages of this thread, or corrections or even validations of anything i wrote here today.

    out of all the above mentioned I only have really one thing to say:

    nVidia, the way it was MEANT to be played!
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