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Hello, I am having huge time out problems when I use my comcast motorola modem through my Dlink ebr2310 router.. I read somewhere that maybe it is both are using NAT and may not be compatible.. Does anyone know how to disable it on one or the other.. Motorola MODEL: TM502G .. Or does anyone know why I am having the problem.. It is like the old days with a 56K modem and then wait and wait and get time outs repeatedly..
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  1. Correction the Modem from Comast is an ARRIS Model TM502G.. And again the D-link Ebr2310 router.. I get continual timeouts with nearly any website I go to. One time I disconnected the router and went strait to the computer with the modem only. It seemed to resolve most of the time outs but when I went to CMD and pinged ebay for instance it would time out even though I could clik the link from my shortcuts or refresh the page I was at and it would refresh.. So am I having a modem problem that is making it look like a router problem.. I appreciate your help and time a lot. This is very frustrating.. as you know.. thank you.. I will supply whatever you need to help me out.. thank you..
  2. I don't know what the problem is, but it can't be double NAT'ing since the TM502G is nothing but a simple modem. It's not a router. And only a router would provide NAT.

    Others may have assumed this was a combo modem+router, which you see commonly w/ DSL. And in that case double NAT’ing could be an issue should you want use your own router behind it. But again, that’s not the case here.
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