Need new motherboard

I'm building my first gaming desktop and I'm gonna be using the GTX 580 and would like to SLI them later on and need a motherboard that would support SLI/Crossfire

How good is this motherboard? does it support SLI? If it says 2x pci x16 mean that it supports SLI?
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  1. the Biostar is the one that your gonna want for your set-up out of those three as its the only one that supports PCI-E x8 x8...
  2. what do you mean x8 x8?

    2 x PCI-E x16 2.0 Slot (CFX x8)

    means 2 x16 right for SLI and cross fire? the gtx 580 is x16
  3. No on that board x8 x8 means that the PCI-E x16 slots on that MOBO share the does support SLI/CFX yet its not true x16 x16...SLI'ed 580's on that board will run at x8 speed

    Heres one that supports x16 x16 SLI : Only socket 1366 supports true x16 speed SLI
  4. Oh right. The board you listed seems to have overheatting problems and reading ram, I'm having trouble finding a good motherboard that supports SLI :/
  5. SLI in x8 is fine...The Biostar board will get you where you want to go with SLI....
  6. Yeah but im looking for sli in x16
  7. Only socket 1366 supports x16 SLI.......
  8. Yeah I know AMD has it ...... I just didn't do enough looking around I guess....
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