i am looking for a front hub: 3.5" SATA, or 9-pin internal USB, with USB ports in the front (at least 2), and both firewire ports; the 4-pin so i can attach my video camera to upload film - the 6-pin for my fire-wire drives - would like 2 in the hub. i've Googled, E-bayed, and searched Amazon for 3.5" hubs, but can't find anything like this. do you know of trusted, respected sites i could find a hub or piece of hardware with those items? i don't want cards for the rear... no more room on the mobo for cards anyway.
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  1. Thanks for the link. They are all 5.25"... i need a 3.5" hub; also, no 4-pin firewire port and i need at least 2 6-pin in addition. Thanks for trying.
  2. YEAP! This is what i need! But i can't see the connectors! Need to know to see what i have available on the mobo - will remove one of the card readers in there now - going to research for connectors view - thanks! this is it!
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