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New PC Crashing

I recently purchased the following equipment below and installed everything no problem with windows 7. Day one after putting the PC together and playing a few games my PC started crashing during playing. Thinking its the graphic card drivers I went to NVIDIA's site and downloaded the lastest drivers. Well that wasn't it due to it still crashed durning game play, Final fantasy 14 I usually play for about an hour before a crash and today I played starcraft II 15 minutes then it crashed. Sometime the computer completely shuts off other times the monitor go blank and the keyboard is frozen(can't turn off num lock , cap lock..etc.)

The only thing I have a feeling that might be an issue is I installed 1600mhz ram on my motherboard and the manual says it doesn't support it(supports 800/1066/1333/2200 DDR3), yet the bios are showing 1333mhz. Any idea what the issues could be? My graphics card, Memory, motherboard???

Memory - Corsair 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory 1600mhz

HD - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 32 MB cashe 7200 rpm

Processor - Intel Core i5 750 Processor 2.66MHZ 8 MB

MotherBoard - Gigabyte Intel Core i7/i5/LGA1156/4DDR3-2200/CrossFirex/SLI/2GBE/Raid/SAA3/eSATA/USB 3.0

Graphics Card - Asus nVidia Geforce GTX465 1 GB GDDR5 2DVI/HDMI PCIE 2.0
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  1. It's the ram go into your bios and enable XMP and adjust the ram dram voltage to 1.66v.
    Your ram is running at mobo defaults 1333Mhz and 1.5v.
    After you do the two bios setting adjustments it should say 1600Mhz and run stable.
    If not you may have a faulty module.
    Try those settings first and repost if you experience further instability.
  2. I did like you said and it still didn't work. I turned on my PC played a game for about 15 minutes, then it crashed. I checked the bios and it says the Ram is running at 1600mhz and I adjusted the voltage to 1.66v. Is there any other possiblities besides having bad ram? The PC runs stable if i'm not doing anything intense like gaming yet, that is all I'm doing lately :)
  3. Yes you could have faulty ram.
    Download Memtest86+ iso
    Burn image
    load from cd in bios
    test one stick at a time
    if you have errors you have bad ram
    rma the ram
  4. If the memtest goes through with no errors check your temps.

    Download core temp or real temp for CPU temperatures.
  5. I had no issues with the memory check, I'm going to check the temps next. I also purchased a fan to go next to my graphics card. We'll see if that helps.
  6. Core temp for all four cores have a low of 37c and high of 60c. I installed a new fan that blows directly onto the graphics card, thinking that might be the problem. Yet I don't think that would cause the whole pc to restart. I ordered 4 gigs of 1333mhz ram just to confirm that the ram is the problem. Yet I'm unsure because the ram test came out with no issues.

    Any other possible ideas since the ram test came back with no problems? Could it be a software issues? windows 7? Mother board issues? Graphics Card? I'm really lost here. The only thing i'm sure is it crashes any where from 20- 45 minutes while playing games. I could have the PC on for 2-3 hours with no crashing if I'm just searching the web or doing things that don't stress the PC.
  7. K I replaced the memory, still does the same thing. Next thing I'm trying it a new motherboard, and if that isn't it guess it has to be a bad graphics card.
  8. Well i just replace the motherboard with a brand new intel motherboard and everything worked fine. So problem solved!
  9. Okay so I thought the problem was fixed...yet after an 1 to 2 hours my computer crashes and restarts. I'm unsure if its a heating problem...Core Temp software usually gets up to 79-80C while playing. Is that to hot for the cpu? Should I order a new fan for the cpu?
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    80c is very hot for a CPU. Make sure you have the heatsink properly seated before buying a new one.

    If your CPU temps weren't up the PSU would be the first thing I would replace.
  11. I bought a new fan and heatsink, played for over 2 hours and my core temp didn't go over 47c
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