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What is a 6pin pci express power?

I know this a noobish question, but what is it? I hoping to upgrade my 4670 to either a 5750 or 5770. I look at the requirements and it says "450 Watt or greater power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended"

I'm not familiar or even know what the 6pin is since the 4670 didn't need it.

Is this what I need? I don't mind spending an extra 10 bucks for it. Currently I have this 700w with no 6pin thing. Just extra things that the product I'm looking at is perfect for.
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  1. You have a 700W power supply with no 6 pin connectors? Thats a bit sketchy, what make and model is it?

    It should be enough for a 5770 even if it is super crappy so that adapter should work fine.
  2. I'm guessing I should get a new power supply. The 700w I have currently... well lets just say its crappy but well good enough for the 4670 with nada problemos. Should I be getting a new power supply? maybe at 600w :o or just stick with buying the 10 dollar one to save tons of money
  3. Well first post what power supply you have, if you cant find a make and model there is a sticker with the power distribution and post the numbers from that. It might not be super crappy it might just be an old one.
  4. Well from what I saw on the sticker, it says "kentech sata dual fan 600w". I google this up and it seems it doesn't exist. I got this actually new from my aunt's bf like a year ago. He probably bought it off ebay or something
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    Most cards come with an adaptor or adaptors in the box, there is no need to buy one seperately-but check before making the purchase ;)
    Only the more expensive PSUs' split their output, in most cases you'll see the wires are all soldered to a single output for each voltage.
    Even a very poor 700W unit should handle the 5770 with no problems, even if you are using a molex/PCI-E converter.

    This is a handy tool to calculate system power needs:

    If you are considering a new PSU: Corsair, OCZ, Antec, Seasonic and FSP are the cream of the bunch.

    Every e-tailer has their own 'specials'- so shop around but this looks good:

    Modular and with plenty of power, it's quite cheap too :) Unless, like me you do not live in the USA.
  6. OH really? I'll be making sure the card I buy has the adapter then. I just gotta say the Corsair psu's are expensive :??:

    I'll just be planning to buy a better quality psu first then my card. I think that will be safe since I don't want my old psu ruining my computer some how.
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