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I just got done with instaling my Water cooling system. So I go to boot it up and it won't start. At night when I was testing for leaks I noticed the supply tester was constantly have a beeping noise and was ear peircing. I thought what the heck. the PSU was on and making the pump move. When I added like a cold cathroid the beep stoped. Now I have it in my computer and it won't even turn on. the mother board's LED comes on. So I took of the 24pin connector and put it in the psu tester. same thing would not turn on at first. so then I got it to work and it beeped on and off. I looked to see what was the problem. somthing called PG was lighting up and then turning off. a off light means a fail in the PSU. My PSU tester is this on http://www.apevia.com/ProductsInfo.asp?KEY=PST-01

my PSU is the Corsair 750 watt PSU which I had for a couple of years now. I had it for 3 1/2 years.
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  1. You used a psu tester as a jumper ?
    Was it beeping when you first plugged it in ?
  2. yes. a constant beep. and the PG light was out which means fail.
  3. The "PowerGood" signal is a control signal from the PSU to the motherboard signaling when the positive PSU outputs reach operating levels. The motherboard needs this signal to boot.

    You can have all the other voltages, but no PG signal, no boot.
  4. the funny thing is when I was testing my pump. the only way to get the PG light to light was to add somthing else to get it to go on. but I just ordered another PSU from the egg. a modular one sence I'm running out of room in my case.

    btw I had to corsair PSU for about 3 1/2 years. My computer was on most of the time and even overclocked latly.
  5. if you have to little load the psu may not work right, squeal, or do other wierd things.
  6. Daft question , you do have a cable from the water cooling system on the cpu header fan and its not the board beeping to say the cpu fans has failed?
  7. no it's not the board beeping.
  8. I don’t recon much on power supply testers I think that they are a waste of money and that the only way to test a power supply if you do not have access to specialist equipment is to substitute with a known good power supply. In this case however you should believe in your power supply tester showing you that the PG signal was no good and that you have a faulty power supply. The PG signal is active when all of the voltages are within limits and stable any problem and the PG line will be inactive and the computer will not boot.
  9. well I have an RMA at corsair going and just for one last time I tested it and this time it would turn on then turn off right away with the tester.
  10. lol i think those cheapo psu testers are useless. why? cuz mine (a coolmax tester), failed lol so i had like 3 power supplies i thought were bad then i was getting suspicious...turns out my psu tester died...lol
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