Dell diagnostic lights 2, 3, &4

I have been given a dell dimension e520, can't get it to run. When I turn it on I get one beep but I can't get a display. I have reseated the RAM, removal results in constant beep. I've been booting up with just one stick of RAM, no drives or cards. Dell's diagnostic lights on the front of the PC indicate a problem. Lights 2, 3, & 4 stay on solid green, no flashing. According to dell this means "possible usb failure". Any ideas?
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  1. Very late, but take a jumper from a nearby pin and clear the CMOS on the mobo, you do this by plugging the jumper into the clear CMOS needles.
  2. Quote:
    motherboard went bad.


    I'm having the same problem. Lights 2,3,4, but I've tried reseating all the USB's, nothing. My question to you is, why did you reply "motherboard went bad." Does this mean the board is dead?
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