Intel i7 950 or AMD x6 1090T for engineering applications

Hi folks.

I'm building a PC for my graduate school where I'll most likely be doing engineering applications such as SolidWorks, NX6, CAD/CAM, C/C+ compilation, MATLAB, Mathematica etc. I'm playing games too but not extensive so gaming is not the main concern. I'm deciding between an Intel i7 950 and AMD x6 1090T. I'm looking for mild overclocking as well. From what I've seen the 950 seems to be better at what I'm doing but the AMD system is approximately $150 less. I don't know if the extra performance worths the premium though. So please give your advice as to what I should get? Also does overclocking bring the 1090T any closer to the 950 since it's an unlocked CPU?

Thanks very much!
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  1. If you're going to get into overclocking, I'd say don't bother with a 950 and get a 930 which will make it just as far for a lot less.
  2. Thanks but the 950's just like $15 more :). And I wouldn't mind paying the extra for an additional 200Mhz.

    Please comment on their performances on programs I mentioned.
  3. For the programs you've mentioned, i'd recommend the i7 950.. Especially if you can pair it with 12 gigs of RAM making the X58 platform worthwhile..
  4. Tbh I want the 950 more but I don't know if the x6 could be more effective in the long run when software will make use of more cores more efficiently. Anybody else?
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    The i7 950 has hyper-threading.. When enabled, it has the ability to process 8 threads.. Although virtual cores are no match to physical cores, the overall faster architecture of the i7 along with its 4 virtual cores will be competent enough to compensate for the two extra cores on the X6..
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  7. Thanks Emperus. That what's I wanted to hear. Order placed at Newegg, expected to arrive on Monday. So excited! Thanks again guys!
  8. Congratulations on your purchase.. Am sure its going to be a blazing experience.. Connect, sit back and enjoy..
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