HD 4650 512mb, but which brand??

Hello, I am set on this card. But not sure which brand is the most reliable. Please help.
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  1. any will work just make sure you get the DDR3 version if you can

    the 1GB are a waste of money
  2. Can't you save a little bit and get 4670?
    4650 ddr2 is a weak card, if you still want this card make sure you get ddr3 version, just like ct1615 said above. :)
  3. Will the 4670 also work with a 300 watt psu? :pt1cable:
  4. what psu
  5. After checking the new cards..... I agree with another posting, not here, that the 5670 with 512mb is the one to go for. Decisions decisions... I'm leaning towards the Sapphire brand. It's less than 20 bucks more than the other one. :pt1cable:
  6. I don't know about your pcie slot version, but for 250W PSU then no need higher than HD5670 2.0 version...
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