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in 2009 I bought a Gateway dx4800-05e, mostly because of me having not enough money to buy a custom build. (i installed gpu and psu updates to it). To make a long story short, my psu is dying, i can't find the warranty and am planning to put my hardware into a new Full Tower case that comes with a power supply already.

My question is this: The manufacture motherboard is an Acer FMCP7AM and I can't find what the compatibility is. (ATX, Baby ATX, Micro ATX). I need to know this so i can put it in my new case:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. The description states the power supply will work with ATX / MicroATX. The supply that comes with the case will work with that motherboard, but to be honest, I definitely would not trust the power supply that comes with it.

    They don't include any specs on it in the description. You'll probably end up having to replace it soon enough if it.

    If you want this PC to last. Spec out a decent 80-plus power supply such as this one:

    So, even though the included PSU will work ok, I'd suggest upgrading as soon as you're able to.
  2. well, would my mobo fit inside the case though? i'm not sure what size it is. i'm guessing it is a micro ATX or baby AT but stock mobos might have their own odd sizes, idk. I just need that power supply to be able to last a few months while i build my custom pc. Thanks for your info though you were very informative.
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