Need a New 3 Monitor Budget Build [Flexible budget]

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: ASAP or the next few days if possible

BUDGET RANGE: (flexible, but the cheaper, the better.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: (Work, looking at data, having many internet tabs open, quite a few programs running (not very memory/cpu intensive). Those are important, gaming is not very important.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: (keyboard, mouse, 8800gt, antec 300, a good antec PSU (should handle anything currently), cd rom's, hard drives, 19 and 20 in acer monitors.



PARTS PREFERENCES: by brand or type (I need one more monitor preferably at least 24in, samsung is a win. I need another video card so that i can run 3 monitors, i dont care about top of the line parts right now )



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (The cheaper the better, I really just want the 3 monitors to run seamlessly. Gaming does not really matter.)
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  1. Well if gaming is on the cards then Eyefinity would be 1st on my lips but since it is not:

    Typically for peeps i'd go with the ATI Surroundview solution which basically entails

    ATI 690G chipset or later
    Radeon discrete GPU

    The above , when SurroundView is enabled in BIOS gives the user the ability to drive 4 or *more displays (*with a crossfire capable board)

    So if u looking at cheap/low power draw/low noise

    Propus 635
    760G/780LE/785G mobo
    4gb ddr3
    HD 5450, preferably passively cooled
  2. Too cheap actually. I want something more powerful, sorry I should have specified better. I was thinking i should run a second video card to accomplice my current 8800gt, so nvidia will most likely be needed and run the 3 displays from the 2 cards (not in SLI).
  3. Also, I would eyefinity on the 5800's be worth it for work/multitasking?
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