Replacing a CPU in an HP laptop

The other day my moms laptop gave up some LED codes describing the CPU had failed. I triple checked with HP and they said yes, the CPU needed to be replaced. They gave me a total price of over $400. Ok I thought, ya right!

The pc itself is around 2 years old. (Funny note is my brother bought it for her at Walmart on blackfriday, they sold out of their $300 doorbusters, so the guy at the desk price matched this $900 one.) So its still a very nice laptop, ( I dont have it at my place so I cant give details.) Anyway Id figure the Intel/AMD chip inside could be purchased for around $100 or less today. So I let my mother decide what she wanted to do.

I looked up laptop teardowns for this model and it looked rather tedious, it involved taking a good chunk of it apart. I have taken apart another HP a few years ago, ironically for similar reasons, only to reapply thermal paste due to it getting way too hot. She somehow overheats these even though she keeps them on a desk type stand near the couch. Never on blankets etc. So maybe its an HP thing?

Ok to the point, if I replace the CPU and bolt it back together, will I need to reinstall Vista? Vista is on the pc now. Or can I get by with just loading the current install to get her My Documents off first?
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  1. Changing the CPU does not require re installation of windows so it should boot up just fine on current install.
  2. You might have to reinstall Vista because it has the OEM version of the OS and OEMs don't support major hardware change. I remember upgrading the CPU on my uncles's desktop about three years back. When I started it up it wanted me to re-activate Windows, but it wouldn't make me a new Install ID so I ended up doing a clean install and removing the bloatware. Might as well upgrade to Windows 7.........
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