465 vs 5770 vs 5850?

Hello all, i have been waiting for nvidia to release a decently priced, decently performing video card, and this is it now, the 465. It seems to hit a very nice niche of gamers, the middle range, not 2000-3000$ builds, but 1200-1500$ builds. After looking over some benchmarks, it seems to beat the 5770 soundly (as it should at its price) and seems to be in a fairly dead heat with the 5850 as far as performance, however it is up to 70$ cheaper (50$ in this case). So does anybody have the 465? Right now im contemplating replacing my 4890 with either a 5850, or a 465, so any suggestions based on experience?
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  2. What is the monitor resolution? The 465 tends to trail the HD5850 at higher resolutions with them being fairly equal at medium/lower settings.
    Me, I'd go for the 5850 (and have done) because of its quieter operation and lower temperatures, but ATI are not getting it all their own way in that respect:

    But then again, hate that type of cooler, but you might like it.

    If PhysX/Cuda is importaint the anwser is obvious, though ;)
  3. 1920x1080, and yeah, the 4xx series needs a nuclear reactor to power, and a refridgerator to cool, which was the main draw back.
  4. only 25$ less for an inferior card. IMO id wait for the 460 to come out and see how prices are then if you're so set on the 465
  5. ares1214 said:

    I don't see your logic there... save $25 for a much inferior card.

    Besides, don't get either of those, get a 5850.
  6. Yeah, I'd get a 5850.
  7. why? im open to suggestions, im more of an ati fan myself, but explain? although, if i dont get the card i linked, the price difference wouldnt be that big.
  8. If you can get a GTX470 for $300 or less, that is a great deal - better than the 5850 in terms of price-for-performance. It performs between the 5850 and 5870 and is very overclockable.
  9. To be accurate, in most games it doesn't go faster than the 5870.
    I can be a fanboy like you and say the 5850 can be "up to" 10% faster than a GTX 470.
  10. what fanboy are we talking about here?
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