Windows 7 install problems

windows 7 install hanges up configuring programs and settings install slowes down to nothing i have let it run for 8 hours still hanges up at 62%. what can I do.
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  1. Check your hard drive for bad sectors.

    If HD was ok , check memory with memtest+

    If problem persists, check installation disk, reburn using lower speed.
    Have you changed any bios settings?
  2. There are a few possible problems here.

    1. You have a bad install disk. Try creating an ISO file of your dvd and either re-burn the disk, or create a Windows 7 install flash drive. Details on how to create the boot install flash drive can be found in this thread

    2. You have a failing hard drive. Download and burn a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD from Run some of the hard drive diagnostic tools and see if any problems are found.

    3. You have a bad RAM stick. With the Ultimate Boot CD you downloaded earlier, run the MemTest86+ utility and again, see if any errors are detected.
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