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Will PCI-E x1 card fit in a PCI-e x16 slot?

Hey Guys and Gals, I think i already know the answer to my question, but i just wanna double check with you guys before i go and swap stuff around and blow something up =P..

Heres the story, I have recently just brought a new Auzentech X-Fi Forte sound card for my system (Worst Mistake EVER).. And i am getting this terrible crackling/buzzing interference noise that i cannot get rid of.. After many days of trying to find a fix for this stupid thing by using sticky-tape to rid it of EMF fields that it apparently makes and numerous driver re-installs.. I have now finally found the reason of it causing problems .. Ive found it is becoming too hot from my HD6990 Graphics card, which is mounted in the PCI-e Slot below..

Long story short, the way i am going to get around this issue is to move my sound card to another slot (Away from the graphics card).. and my motherboard only has one accessible PCI-E x1 slot as the others are covered by the graphics card..

My question is can i plug my crappy sound card into the other PCI-E x16 slot i have on my motherboard as i don't run crossfire and the card seams to fit into it.. If i plug it into the x16 slot will i firstly blow it up?? .. I've heard its okay but i wanna make sure first haha... and secondly if it does work, Will doing this slow down my graphics card in anyway? ..

If this doesnt work i guess im just going to have to mount some fans in weird sports to keep it cool...

But yeah bottom line: Would a PCI-E x1 Sound Card fit and work without slowing anything down in a PCI-E x16 Graphics Slot...

Thanks guys!!!
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  1. Yes, but it's a waste of the PCI-e x16 slot...
  2. yeah i know, but im not going to use crossfire or anything, so really its not doing anything
  3. If the sound card is crappy then why not use on board sound. I'm not sure which motherboard you are using but if it has 2 PCI-e x16 slots it probably has Realtek 8 channel high definition audio codec too.
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    Yes, any PCIe 1x, 4x or 8x card will work just fine in a 16x slot.
  5. Yes it will work, no it won't blow up under normal circumstances.

    By using the second PCIe slot, you might halve the bandwidth going to your GPU. This shouldn't have a huge effect on your games, but as mentioned above its not needed.
  6. sweet as, thanks for the help guys!!! :bounce:
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