Can you connect a sharp aquos to a laptop witha dvi to hdmi

Can you connect a sharp aquos 42d62u to a laptop via a dvito hdmi connector?
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  1. Quick answer is yes. But there will be no sound carried to the T.V. through the dvi to hdmi. Would have to use RCA jacks or some type of headphone to RCA adapter to hook up sound to your T.V.
  2. I don't get a picture either. Do you have to change settings on the tv or laptop?
  3. Yes you can do this.

    There are a number of issues:

    1. You will have to connect external speakers (2.1 Channel maximum) or use Laptop sound (not recommended).
    2. You will have to set up dual monitors in either windows 7 (am assuming you are using this). Right click on desktop and select "screen resolution".
    3. Or you can set this up in either CCC (for ATI cards) or NVIDIA control panel (for NVIDIA cards).
    3. If you are not getting a picture, try connecting the ac adapter to the laptop first. My sister took 2 weeks to figure this out.

    Good luck.
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