Compatible ddr2 ram for asus M3A78-VM motherboard

I have an ASUS M3A78-VM Motherboard it has 1gig (2x512 meg ) DDR2 ram I wish to increase this to 3 or 4 gig with either 2 x 1 gig extra in the remaining 2 slots, with the existing ram, or 1 x 1gig and 1x2gig with the existing ram. I would like to match the new ram to the existing if possible or should I replace the lot?If so and what speed should I get?

I cant identify what ram speed I have at the moment, also if it means ditching the existing ram and replacing it what would be the best configeration 4x1 gig or 2x2 gig.
My reason for the change is slow computing speed, PF Usage is 910MB (no viruses or malware present.

Thanks everyone,

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  1. Download install CPU-Z from This will help you find the settings, make and model of your current RAM.

    The ideal way to run DDR2 is in dual-channel mode, which effectively doubles your memory bandwidth. For this you would preferably need to take the old memory out and run 4x1 or 2x2 GB. Check your mobo manual to see which slots work in combination for dual-channel mode.
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